Divine Health Silical System®



  • Silical 1 and Silical 2 were designed to complement each other by providing the appropriate levels of each essential nutrient.
  • The formation of collagen can help in achieving smoother skin, thicker hair, and stronger nails.


Introducing our Silical System that features Divine Health’s Silical 1 and Silical 2.

For a tree to bend without breaking, it needs strength and flexibility in equal measures. Your bones are the same. Even though you may be eating well, taking supplements, exercising and getting enough sleep, without the right combination of these 9 essential nutrients, you may still be at risk of poor bone health. A team of leading orthopedic surgeons has developed the ground-breaking Silical System after years of research into optimum bone health. In Silical System, an organic form of silicon is used, which is a naturally occurring mineral essential for bone formation. So while these health-promoting nutrients get to work supporting your bones from the inside, you can continue to lead an active, healthy life on the outside.

Silical 1 is a superior supplement for bone health that boosts Calcium and Vitamin D levels.

Silical 2 is packed with vital nutrients, including organic silicon, that helps the body absorb calcium and promote the growth of bone collagen. It also contains a balanced mixture of Boron, Vitamin K2, inositol, and other essential nutrients that are often absent from our regular diets. These components provide additional support for better bone health.

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