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Optivida’s mission is to supply the safest and most effective products on the market. All their formulas are backed by extensive research, and they guarantee your satisfaction.


Whole-Food Supplements

For those to are looking for solutions from nature that really work

Pure Nutrients

For those to are tired of hidden harmful ingredients in their supplements

Science-Backed Products

For those who want to feel good again

Optivida’s Story

Imagine this. You’re an active person who loves playing sports and spending time with your family. However, you’ve had several health obstacles in your life that have limited your ability to live the life you really want to live. You’d want to figure out the solution to your problems, right?

Well, that was the reality for Optivida’s founder and CEO, Frank Davis. And the good news for you and him is that he discovered the solution, whole foods. But not just any whole foods, whole foods picked at the peak of freshness and processed with a patented technology that retains 100% of the color, flavor, and nutrients. This technology turns the food into a powdered form that we incorporate into their flagship product, Complete Essentials. Since the creation of Complete Essentials, they’ve gone on to add additional products including hemp, silver, and other nutritional products that help you reach optimal wellness.

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