Divine Health Keto Zone MCT Oil Softgels (60 Capsules)


Divine Health’s 100% Pure MCT Oil Softgels provide 1000 mg of pure MCT oil to help you with increased weight loss, enhanced focus, and supercharged energy.


If you are ready to experience increased weight loss, enhanced focus, and supercharged energy, then look no further! Divine Health’s 100% Pure MCT Oil Softgels are here! One single serving softgel of Keto Zone® MCT Oil Softgels provides 1000 mg of pure MCT oil.

MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride) oil is a superfood derived from coconuts. Readily absorbed and utilized as energy, MCTs provide a host of benefits. MCT oil can help you maintain a healthy metabolism, support cognitive function, balance your microbiome, kickstart ketosis, crush cravings, and promote satiety.

Supports weight management

Supports cognitive function

Appetite suppressant

Medium Chain Triglycerides do not need to be processed by the liver before being utilized by the body as fuel. This makes MCT oil ideal for weight management. The MCTs stimulate your body’s fat metabolism which means you are more likely to burn body fat. When your body is supplied with adequate amounts of high-quality fuel cravings will also disappear. Regularly consuming MCT oil will keep you feeling full and energized so you can live your life without constantly thinking about food.

MCTs are quickly and effectively converted to ketones which act as a super fuel for the mitochondria in your cells, especially in the brain. Ketones are produced when the body is deprived of glucose and resorts to burning fat (bodily or dietary) for fuel. This is called ketosis. Ketosis is normally achieved through fasting. When there is no more carbohydrate or protein available for energy the body burns fat which results in ketone production. Ketones are preferably utilized by the brain prompting a profound state of mental clarity and focus.

Supports weight management

Enhances focus & mental clarity

Eliminate cravings

Promotes digestion

Due to their ease of digestion, MCTs are an ideal fat for those with digestive issues and fungal or bacterial infections. MCTs actually have antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. However, liquid MCT oil is so quickly absorbed in the digestive tract that it is unable to make it through the initial stages of digestion to combat invasive organisms. Luckily, MCT Oil Softgels come in a convenient softgel form that survives the trip to the colon where it can help balance the gut and support healthy digestion.


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