Optivida Basic Essentials

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BASIC ESSENTIALS is nutritional support and protection in capsule form.

Covers the Basics and More: Basic Essentials contains the whole food equivalent of nine servings of fruits and vegetables and all the essential whole-food vitamins and minerals. It provides essential plant enzymes to optimize digestion. It also supplies immune-boosting probiotics, easy-to-absorb minerals, AND a potent blend of antioxidants.

Unique and Endorsed: This all-vegetarian formula is safe, whole-food based, researched, and recommended by registered dietitians and well-known medical doctors. For those with busy lifestyles, Basic Essentials is just what the doctor ordered.

How Does it Compare to Complete? Basic Essentials was formulated for their users who have requested the convenience of capsules but still provide a broad range of nutrition needs. Optivida still recommends COMPLETE ESSENTIALS for their customers who have nutritional deficiencies, chronic conditions, or want EVERYTHING for their body’s optimal health.

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