Optivida Nano-SilverSol Topical Gel

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1.5-Ounce Tube: Now take the protection of Optivida Nano-SilverSol Gel with you wherever you go. In a convenient 1.5 oz. tube, you will have peace of mind with Nano-SilverSol in your car, boat, RV, diaper bag, purse, or airline carry-on.

Skin-Soothing Silver: Optivida’s nano-silver skin cream is designed to soothe skin and promote natural healing. It can be applied directly or safely added to other skincare products.

Topical Treatment: This solution features a 24-ppm (parts per million) silver concentration, deionized water, tea, and carbomer. It’s BPA-free and fragrance-free, so it can be used on sensitive skin.

Healing Hydrogel: A versatile skincare product, Optivida’s silver gel can help heal minor irritations, wounds, burns, blemishes, and more. It can be applied to a minor scar, rash, or sore as needed.

Fast-Acting Relief: Its unique coating makes the silver attracted to surrounding water molecules, making it more stable and bioavailable for your body. This allows the ointment to work faster.

This fragrance-free soothing skin cream is designed to support your body’s natural healing. Apply directly to the skin to fight against germs and soothe minor irritations, wounds, burns, blemishes, scars, rashes, sores, and more.*



Nano-SilverSol® Gel now available in convenient 1.5-ounce tubes

Travel Size

Easier to take with you on the go

Natural Healer

Silver is natures natural healer

Patented SilverSol®

Backed by 50+ U.S. patents

Our Patented Silver Solution

Patented. Proven. Powerful.


  • Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a way to maintain health and fight infection.
  • Silver safely targets and kills harmful pathogens in the body
  • Nano Silver is safe and effective for use everyday

The History: Silver has been used for hundreds of years as a way to maintain health and fight infection. Optivida Health discovered a more efficient and effective way to design and engineer silver. This new technology makes it safe, fast, and effective to use everyday.*

Nano-SilverSol: Using science and technology the molecular structure of Optivida Health’s silver has been improved to ensure that it is safe and effective. It safely targets and kills harmful pathogens in the body. It doesn’t build up in the body and safely exists after 24 hours. You’ll be happy to know that this nano-silver has almost nothing in common with colloidal silver except the word silver.

Colloidal Silver: In 1999 the FDA warned against the use of colloidal silver because it isn’t safe or effective. Many colloidal silver companies make fictitious claims about benefits and cures that aren’t backed by science. Although rare, an excess of colloidal silver can build up in the body causing Argyria. Argyria is a skin condition that can turn the skin, internal organs, nails, and gums a blue-gray color.


No Harsh Chemicals


Moisturizes Skin

Effective for 4 Hours*

No Fragrance


Silver is a natural and effective antimicrobial, known to kill a broad spectrum of pathogens.


Backs up the function of your normal immune system and protects your body.


Reduces joint and muscle discomfort and supports the immune system

Additional information

Product Weight

1.5 oz, 4 oz

Pack Size

1, 2, 5, 12


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